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How can I schedule a session?
You can message me directly from this web page, message me on facebook call me at 905-808-3268 or 289-815-3268 or email me
I prefer typed messages so that we both have something to refer to :)

What types of payment do you accept?
Cash, EMT, Visa, Mastercard

Can I take screen shots from my proofing album and post on social media?
Absolutely not. Screen shots do not represent my work, the images are low resolution and and get destroyed further when uploading to social media.

If I order more pictures do I get a discount?
Not until my landlord gives me one!

How long will it be until I see my proofing album?
In as short a time as I can make it! sessions are waiting on their proofing albums. Just know I want you to have it as soon as possible!

How long after I send my my order in will I get my images?
I edit orders in the order in which they come in. Depending on the time of year and how busy the studio is will determine the time. For instance, at Christmas time it is crazy busy so editing takes longer. PLEASE REMEMBER, every-time I have to answer a message about when they will be ready that's one more image I haven't edited! Just know I want you to have your images as soon if not sooner than you do!

Can I bring my sister's children to my mini session?
No! If you want to have a couple of pictures of all the children together, please book back to back sessions.

Can I take cell phone pictures during my session?
No, not under any circumstances. This is how I make my living. Please ask if you'd like to take a 'behind the scene shot' and about sharing it.






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